Publishing in early 2023…

Write U : 23 Lessons in Beckoning Joy

Publisher: NDP (New Degree Press)

Return to the root. We are meant to live remarkable lives!

Sojourn in Self-Care: Let’s pause to recall your voice together!

Live with Egregious Tenacity!

Why Egregious?

According to Mirriam Webster, “some words originally used for animals that gather in flocks have been herded into use for people, too. The Latin word grex means “flock,” “herd,” or “group,” and is the root of several English words. Gregarious originally meant “tending to live in a flock, herd, or community rather than alone” but has become a synonym for “sociable.” Egregious literally meant “out of the herd” in Latin — something that stands apart. Its first meaning in English was consequently “outstanding” or “remarkable for good quality,” but over time that changed to become “very bad and easily noticed” or “flagrant.”

I long for us to return to the root, before the scars and layers life often places upon us making us look more like everyone else vs. who we’re meant to be. To set ourselves apart for living an exceptional life should be seen as the way egregious was first intended-remarkable for the joy we hold and create in our journey. We butcher our language. We change the experience we were meant for. And, we are no herd. We are sacred and sentient, especially when we tap into our Source. One pause at a time, in commitment to our self-care, we honor the reverent life we are intended for-a life of integrity, alignment, abundance, and service in wholeness and purpose.

It is an honor to encourage you toward a life of egregious tenacity as you honor your own still, small voice. You are a divine vessel of love and in self-care you mine the courage to pour from a well instead of an evaporated cup.

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