Banned, Ambassador-Hear Him Out!

Everything I come across lately speaks to banned or stealing breath. Eliminate it, mask it, LIVE it, or die trying-the paradox of life in Covid times. Truth-FULLY, do we embrace FEAR or shall we celebrate LIFE? Jason Reynolds, one of my favorite authors to share with young people, the National Ambassador of Young People’s Literature, recently shared this jewel with Brene Brown during her podcast interview, Unlocking Us. Reynolds revealed he is: “both masterpiece and mess,” and regarding life that “transition does not have to mean failure,” that “vulnerability is everything.” Each day is a new opportunity to make all things new!

Reynolds challenges us to start recognizing the “power, intelligence, and integrity” of each child. When will we as parents and as a society allow ourselves to see the “potential masterpiece you had a part in creating,…peaceful, equitable, fairer, resilient, persistent” (Reynolds)? When we will reparent our inner child (when necessary) to heed ourselves the same grace?

One who is father to several banned books yet serves as the National Ambassador of Young People’s Literature, Reynolds embodies the paradox of one living an authentic human life. Can we LIVE with the egregious tenacity Jason Reynolds embodies, embolden, each and every day?

Can we be “akward, brave, and kind,” as Brene Brown challenges?

Can we LIVE with the “radical audacity” one of my favorite podcasters, Tiphany Kane, encourages us to?

I think we can. I think we can do better!

Can we agree that we are both human AND divine, both “masterpiece and mess,” as Reynolds so humbly shared?

Live Egregious! Live with Tenacity!

LIVE your own, personal, authentic adventure with Egregious Tenacity!

Hear Reynolds out, “Vulnerability IS everything,” RIGHT?

One in Love,

Rebecca Lynne Tobin ❤

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