A Year from Now and Right Now…

Welcome, to Egregious Tenacity! I’m Rebecca Lynne Tobin, and this is my very first real blog. I just turned forty-seven, and I’m on a journey toward book publication in early 2023. I’m working with a writing coach, a small focus group of writers, an editor, and a publisher. My blog officially blooms 2.22.22; I look forward to exploring together!

Here you will find my musings and inspiration. I walk humbly through the world and hope to encourage you toward its mystery, wonder, and blessing. My mission is to help others embrace their own pure light within, that they may engage in every day purpose with courage and love.

The most common mistake in writing a letter of interest is not allowing your authentic voice to shine through. You owe yourself! Speak from your core authentic heart!

There are many seasons in this short life, and sometimes we’re called to recraft our own adventure. This blog and memoir I’m creating, will help you do just that, recraft your life with the RIGHT you in mind. Look within, take a mindful moment to pause, and then answer the call to your authentic experience with confidence. Write U!

*Special thanks to the inspiring and talented visionary light artist, Rosa Maria-Marquez, for granting me permission to share two of her pieces that have spoken to my heart in their pure light and unconditional love. Her work can be experienced at: https://www.rosamariamarquez.com/

*I dedicate the “soft blooming” of this page to the mother who adopted and raised me, Karen Wilson Van Scoyk, the mother who gave me life, Theresa Tobin Drake, my mother-in-law, Pauline Eagle Staines, my mother in law, Angela Lodge, my Godmother, Barbara Ryan Yarema, and to my Holy Mother, Mother Mary.

Mothering is a verb. Mothering is a choice. Mothering is Love. ❤

All of life begins as a Sacred Light Burst Blossom of Unconditional Love.

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