My Grandmother, Your Grandmother

I was adopted, loved, and raised by a Polish mother and a Ukrainian father. My grandparents were key in my upbringing on both sides, and my Ukrainian grandmother, Elizabeth, “Liza,” holds the first memory of song in my heart. Liza’s Ukrainian lullabies rocked me gently to sleep when she babysat me, and although I didn’t understand her words, they calmed me and ring in my heart chords still. Regretfully, Ukrainian was not a language I learned growing up, yet, once a year I knew some words by heart-those of the Easter basket blessing service we attended together. These songs and sequences are embedded in the DNA of my soul. As I looked for footage of a traditional Ukrainian Orthodox Easter Basket blessing to share, I fumbled upon the footage below. In the video you’ll hear a snippet of CNN’s story of Easter hope in Ukraine. Now, once again, years later, we delve into the archives of our hearts as we tearfully witness families torn apart. Once again, we hold out the hope we have in times that threaten us with darkness. Yet, today, I sing a lullaby in my heart, remembering Liza, remembering the roots of those who showed me way in this world-they imbued me with impenetrable light. Indeed, Hope is risen! Peace to Ukraine, the kind of peace I felt when safely held in my Ukrainian grandmother’s loving arms, the peace she taught her son, who shared John Lennon with me. I know beyond knowing that “I’m NOT the only one. I hope [TODAY] you will join us, and the world will live as ONE” (Lennon).

“Imagine” in Ukrainian ❤

Ти уяви, без пекла

Протягне цілий світ.

Над нами тільки небо…

Ти просто уяви.

І уяви, що люди

Цінують кожну мить.

Ти уяви країну

Всецілу, як Земля.

Усі хиткі кордони

Розмило немовля.

І уяви, що люди

Вкладають в мир любов.

І скажеш ти, я мрійник.

Та я не один.

І ти також для світу,

Ти рідний, рідний син.

І уяви, ти злидар.

Цікаво, ж, зможеш ти?

У світі всі в братерстві

В любові й доброті.

І уяви, що люди

Відкриють світу світ…

І скажеш ти, я мрійник.

Та я не один.

І ти також для світу,

Ти рідний, рідний син.

Artist Unknown

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